Don't hate the scale, love the trend.

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Follow The Trend

The scale goes up and down, you can weigh more today than yesterday and still be on track to losing weight. WeightGrapher shows you the trend, letting you see how your decisions are paying off now.

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WeightGrapher makes it easy to Follow The Trend

FITBIT® Aria Scale

FITBIT® Aria Aware

No need to manually enter information, if you have an Aria scale by FITBIT®, WeightGrapher automatically downloads your whole weight history, and keeps it up to date every time you step on the scale.

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Remember That

Starting a new diet? Riding your bike to work? Keep track of your new habits with notes. They display on your graph, for at-a-glance determination of how they're paying off.

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Weight Grapher Has Notes!

Weight Grapher Uses Proven Math

Smart Predictions

Our prediction algorithms use your past weight data. This means we can show you projections based on your performance, not just standard averages for the nation.

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Importing Data

Have a CSV file? Are you a member of LoseIT? We can import your weight history so you can see graphs immediately! We're adding more methods of importing data all the time, if we don't have the service you use, let us know and we'll work on it.

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Great Importing Features For Weight Graphing