Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Syncing Your FITBIT® Aria
  2. Reconnecting A FITBIT® Account
  3. How To Import LoseIT! Data
  4. How To Import CSV Data
  5. Supported Weight Units

Syncing Your FITBIT® Aria

Your FITBIT® Aria can be associated with your account by going to the Apps & Importing section of the site.

Click the button labeled Connect Your FITBIT® Account

Reconnecting A FITBIT® Account

If you've revoked access from the WeightGrapher application in your FITBIT® control panel and would like to reconnect your device, make sure you're logged into your account and Click Here.

You will be prompted to grant access to the WeightGrapher application.

How To Import LoseIT! Data

If you're a member of LoseIT! you can import your data in a few steps. They are working on an API that will allow us to automatically sync between one another, however until that happens the following will work:

  1. Login to LoseIT! and click ReportsWeight.
  2. Select Last 5 Years from the drop down.
  3. Click Export to Spreadsheet.
  4. Go to Apps & Importing and click Import from LoseIT!

Your records will be imported, however you'll still need to add your weight each day until the API is finished.

How To Import CSV Data

You can import a CSV file by going to the Apps & Importing section and clicking the Import CSV button.

Your file MUST conform to the following specifications for it to be successfully imported:

Date: You must have a date in the form of YYYY-MM-DD, YYYY/MM/DD, DD-MM-YYYY, or DD/MM/YYYY.

Weight: The weight must be the only number in the CSV file. The file you import will be assumed to be the same weight units you have set for your account to use.

Supported Weight Units

We support graphing your weight in pounds, kilograms, and stones. If you have a FITBIT® Aria connected to your account, the weight units you select will be the one used to sync your account.

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